The way to go…VIDEO. Sell products, train employees, and tell your marketing story with style. Video creates a lasting image for your client. What do you do? Where do you start? We will help you through the process at every step—you’ll have an active part in producing your video.

There are three stages: Pre-production (the development and preparation stage), Production (shooting the footage) and Post-production (editing the footage into a finished program).


Preparation is definitely the most important stage. The more we can do regarding planning, attention to details, and thoroughly defining the project before the camera begins shooting, the better the finished product is going to be. At this stage, it is very important for you to be working closely with your production company.

1. First, we get together and learn about your vision for the video.

2. The outline of the project defines who the audience will be, the message, special effects, and graphics.

3. The script is written and we plan the production, including on-camera parts, sound effects and direction. An efficient shooting schedule is designed which is comfortable for everyone involved, interfering as little as possible with normal activities on-location.


1.  We are equipped to record on most locations. We’ll set up the lights, provide the cameramen and sound technicians. We can record at your place of business, your factory equipment, and your personnel.


1. Next, we edit the raw footage, add music, narration, titles & credits, animations, graphic design and special effects. After about 12 minutes, you begin to loose your audience’s attention.

2. A Master is created after you approve the preview edit and then we can begin authoring to DVD and replication.