DVD’s …they’re durable and economical.

Video I-D, Inc. has produced interactive CD-ROM and DVD-ROM training programs, using voice, text and video/animation. Employees generally enjoy the learning process and convenience of interactive study. Many find it much easier to retain information which is presented in full-motion with layering for high impact, vivid color, rich audio and tightly edited sequences. For some, we have also included required testing which can be automatically scored for instant feed-back. This allows employees to retest immediately on any incorrect answers.

In addition, a well authored DVD also contains a great deal of additional information with easy access. And periodic testing can be scheduled to make sure key elements in the training are not forgotten. Certain areas, such as industrial safety and knowledge, find this extremely important to keep employees and the job site safe and productive.

On line access to training and self-improvement delivers a very fast return on investment. Employees can train, test, review on their own and stay current at times more convenient to them by using the Internet.  Internet based education and training generally has a very positive impact on ROI.

Try DVD-ROM training for your employees, and see the difference and convenience  that this advanced technology can bring.