Case Studies

We’ve assembled a series of projects to give you some insight into the process, the thinking behind the work and the results of the effort. While no one example will exactly fit your requirements, we hope you do more than enjoy what has been done for other clients. Some of these may also give you ideas to adapt into your own projects and may raise questions for the Video I-D team when they arrive to work through details with you and your team. After more than 33 years in the business, we have been involved in projects at locations ranging from Canada to the Keys and LA to DC. We have recorded 320 ton off-road mining trucks and surgeons using robotics to insert a tiny valve into a heart patient. She was visiting friends within two hours of the operation, However we think this cross section will give you enough for now. Please don’t ever hesitate if you need rapid answers for questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will have it for you within a day.

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