Turnkey Kiosks

Caterpillar needed a convenient and effective way to clearly demonstrate the high quality and value of Genuine Caterpillar Parts. Intensive testing in the Met Lab in Morton is central to assuring that Caterpillar quality standards remain consistent throughout every part and piece of equipment delivered to customers.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Visitors, dealer guests, prospective buyers and groups touring Caterpillar parts distribution centers and facilities world-wide. Multiple languages and a series of multi-ethnic messages were needed to cover the range of equipment and interests of guests.

TARGET MESSAGE: Genuine Caterpillar parts provide consistent high quality and good value when used as designed.

TARGET RESPONSE: Guests were usually surprised and very pleased to get the messages in their own languages. The high quality of the presentations and the ease of operation for individuals was also a topic of appreciation in comments to management.

Caterpillar needed a convenient and effective way to clearly demonstrate the high quality and value of Genuine Caterpillar Parts. Some customers were trying to save a few dollars by buying and using will-fit and off-brand parts which did not carry the Caterpillar label.

The Met Lab in the Morton parts facility is part of an intensive on-going testing effort which assures high quality, performance and value for everything with the Caterpillar name.

The Caterpillar dedication to exceptional service and timely delivery of complex parts, components and manufactured systems world-wide is also central to the Caterpillar name.

Every month of the year, thousands of visitors tour Caterpillar facilities, world-wide. Many dealers and sales representatives also schedule special tours for new and potential buyers.

Caterpillar parts distribution centers are strategically located around the world. They offer a primary platform to demonstrate speed and efficiency. Each is backed by mammoth systems dedicated to keeping Caterpillar equipment running and Caterpillar customers satisfied.

As many of these new and potential Caterpillar Customers speak English as a second language, Caterpillar wanted to provide information in languages of their customers own choosing.

A test demonstration with a delegation of Chinese engineers in the Morton parts facility clearly demonstrated the value of translations. After seeing several videos in Chinese, a woman from the group told the head of the Visitor Center that the group greatly appreciated the courtesy shown by Caterpillar in providing the videos in Chinese. She said that no other manufacturer in the United States had extended such a courtesy to the delegation.

The challenge was to provide a comprehensive overview of their wide variety highly technical and sophisticated equipment and services in a brief, interesting and memorable package.

As a secondary challenge, visitor interests were quite varied. Those interested in off-road trucks might not be interested in track-type tractors, or ground engaging tools or other products.

Touch pad kiosks provided the solution. These were specifically designed for Caterpillar to use world-wide. Each kiosk displayed a high quality DVD holding a tightly written series of 44 short videos, each in 15 languages. The visitor was able to choose which videos to watch on self-operating kiosks. All kiosks ran the same program world-wide to facilitate maintenance and repair. Equipment and media were turn-key with Video I-D on standby operational and technical support as needed.

Video I-D assigned a project team (Administrator, Director and Writer) to meet with the designated Caterpillar coordinator. The team needed to thoroughly understand the project, concepts, target audience, message points, scout potential shooting locations, review any physical facility restrictions, coordinate personnel and establish a time-line for project completion.

A scheduled presentation with key Caterpillar personnel assured the project was on target, answered all questions and required about four hours for group time.

Subsequent meetings were limited to script approval, pre-production scheduling and a final screening and approval of the finished kiosks.

Physical and on-line meetings were kept to a minimum and on-going contact provided Caterpillar with comfortable level of oversight.

Within six months, from inception to completion, Caterpillar had quantities of turn-key kiosks in such places as: Grimbergen, Malaga, Johannesburg, Singapore, Denver, Morton, Miami, Australia, Japan and many other places. Each kiosk offered all 15 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Castilian Spanish.

It was a Caterpillar courtesy and very much appreciated.