Trade Show Attractant

Komatsu America wanted a presence that would augment equipment on site, video and sales talking points showing the benefits, economies and capabilities of their, dozers, trucks, end loaders, back hoes and similar types of mining equipment. They needed to attract potential buyers into their display, hold buyer attention long enough to get the Komatsu America message across, and keep all this to a minimal amount of time. All presentations needed to be easy to operate and fail-safe.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Upper level management and technicians from mine related operations world-wide who were attending this once-every-four-year mammoth trade show with the idea of finding out what was the latest in equipment and what was applicable to their own companies.

TARGET MESSAGE: Each station carried a variety of on screen sales message points which provided on-screen illustrations for salesmen presentations about the value, dependability, support and options available for all Komatsu equipment.

TARGET RESPONSE: Surveys taken during and after Mine Expo clearly showed the displays provided excellent support, delivering clarity, brevity and a high level of energy.

MINE EXPO is held once every four years in Las Vegas. The huge machines on display inside and outside are imposing. Salesmen needed a way to bring potential customers into the exhibit where they could quickly explain the benefits and advantages and show off their equipment. High energy full motion video allowed potential customers to see the equipment at work in remote locations in around the world.

Komatsu America also wanted to show advanced systems for efficiency such as their Autonomous trucks with no drivers needed.

Video I-D provided several turn-key suggestions for resolving this trade show hurdle. Large screen monitors at each equipment station used DVDs authored to allow an exciting on-screen attractant to bring the customer to the monitor where the sales representative could activate convenient talking points on that same monitor with full motion illustrations to hold the attention of the potential buyer.

The advanced systems presentations were made in an on-site theater where a live presenter using DVD and an ear prompter guided visitors through a complex world of software, radio signals, economy and efficiency. All this with surround sound and perfect synchronization.

The challenge was to provide a comprehensive overview of their wide variety highly technical and sophisticated equipment and services in a brief, interesting and memorable package. No one lingers long in trade show areas.

Video I-D assigned a project team (Administrator, Director and Writer) to meet with the designated Komatsu America coordinator and her team. Video I-D needed to thoroughly understand the project, concepts, target audience, message points, scout potential shooting locations, review any physical facility restrictions, coordinate personnel and establish a time-line for project completion.

Several scheduled presentations with key Komatsu America personnel assured the project was on target, answered all questions and was on schedule and ready for Mine Expo in October. Total face-to-face meetings required about eight hours for group time.

Subsequent meetings were limited to script approval, pre-production scheduling and a final screening and approval of the finished video selections.

Physical and on-line meetings were kept to a minimum and on-going contact provided Komatsu America with a comfortable level of oversight.

Within 120 days, from inception to completion, Komatsu America had attractants for four lines of equipment, extensive talking points for each line, a live presentation for their advanced systems, and media that could be repurposed, sent world-wide and developed into other forms of communication.

Komatsu America and their customers were very pleased with the results.