For more than 12 years, Video I-D provided extensive training, marketing and sales videos for ServiceMaster in Downers, Grove. At that time, ServiceMaster a $3.2 billion corporation, providing housekeeping services to a wide variety of customers.

When ServiceMaster was sold to ARAMARK, the new owners decided to do all training and video work at their own extensive in-house facility on the east coast.

This generic sample provides some indication of our approach to delivering effective and memorable safety training and education.

CORE ISSUES: Safety is always an important issue and employees need to understand the importance of following directions at all times.

PARAMETERS: ServiceMaster is a world-wide organization with outstanding training and management to allow entry level employees to feel significant in the work they do and to do their work efficiently and effectively.

CONSIDERATIONS/CHALLENGE: One of the ServiceMaster corporate objectives is to “Help People Develop” and to encourage and motivate them as important team members. These employees were street smart adults, most of them without a high school education.

SOLUTION: Produce an on-location video series showing typical ServiceMaster employees in typical situations using customary equipment designed for housekeeping purposes. In each instance, employees are encouraged to follow established procedures for safety by using safe practices. Voice-over copy continually reinforced the concepts of self-worth, job significance, and the need for excellence in tasks that are essential to health and safety. Employees also understood that the processes and equipment they used were developed by ServiceMaster to be among the best in the business and would deliver consistent results when used safely and according to training.

RESULTS: The Safety video series was effectively used for new-hires and for job skill review meetings which were periodically scheduled by managers. Safety was the main emphasis. In addition, the presentations were designed to insure that each employee also clearly understood that he or she was a significant part of corporate ServiceMaster and the jobs they did were appreciated and essential. Self-esteem and self-worth allowed them to deliver excellent results with pride in accomplishment. They were responsible and effective. Spotless floors in hospitals, schools and industrial plants were their reflection.

Concept to Completion: Video I-D worked closely with ServiceMaster representatives from the beginning. Our experience with major corporations allowed us to bring value to the discussion table, write finished scripts tailored to each major division, complete all on-location production, and edit video to completed MASTERs.

Safety is a recurring issue within any corporation and a great deal of time, training and support information is dedicated to making sure that each employee clearly understands and follows established guidelines.

ServiceMaster employees a great number of relatively low wage personnel for housekeeping tasks in each of their four divisions; Industrial, Education, Health Care and Residential/Commercial.

While many of these employees lack high school educations, they are street smart adults with families and responsibilities.

Our responsibility was to make sure that all scripts, regardless the topic, carried the message that each employee was important to the corporation. That tasks accomplished reflected on the corporation and its management. Proper maintenance for floors, walls, restrooms, offices, and other areas reduced the chances for slips and falls, encouraged healthy environments and were essential to success.

At every opportunity we used employees on camera who regularly worked within a specific industry. Managers were available if necessary, but the real message to be reinforced was that everything being taught or reviewed was part of the task of every employee. Using other employees provided memorable examples.

In addition, even though there was a central theme to each of the series we produced; Safety, Carpet Cleaning, Hard Surface Floors, Restroom, etc, all scripts were modified to fit each specific division and scenes showing employees were reshot to reflect their own specific division. Economies through the re-use of certain close-up shots of similar equipment, chemical and solution mixing and techniques for cleaning were determined in pre-production and inserted during editing. However, each division had it’s own specific video series with its own people, uniforms, special equipment and areas.

All video was shot on professional and broadcast TV formats to facilitate editing and deep updating costs to a minimum. As a result, each version of the series was easily revised. Fresh audio and video segments were seamlessly added as changes were required. The basic series served several years until changes in uniforms and equipment required a complete reshoot. Updated scripts and storyboards reduced these costs of reshooting as much of the material was on hand and current.

Video I-D’s project team maintained close contact with ServiceMaster’s coordinators and key management personnel. The effort was to work as a combined team to ensure all technical parameters and corporate objectives were met.

The combined team understood the projects, concepts, target audiences, message points, sites for location production, physical facility restrictions, and required personnel. Experience working together provided opportunities for efficiencies and economies. These helped reduce the overall costs of training and allowed segments to be used in other types of projects for marketing and sales efforts.

Physical and on-line meetings were kept to a minimum and on-going contact provided Abbott with comfortable level of oversight and assurances that deadlines were being met.

The JSV and JSR series were systemic training for ServiceMaster and provided many opportunities for Video I-D to provide suggestions to improved effectiveness, increase content retention and reduce overall costs.