Abbott Development Shop

The Abbott Development Shot provided a wide range of services from entirely new concepts, finished products and patentable designs to reverse engineering parts and .

CORE ISSUES: Not many people realized the capabilities and services of the Abbott Development Shop.

PARAMETERS: Potential customers were world-wide, inside and outside of the Abbott family

CONSIDERATIONS/CHALLENGE: To provide a concise and memorable overview which could be conveniently seen by managers on their own computers at work.

SOLUTION: Develop a video showing Abbott Development Shop equipment at work on a variety of projects with insert testimonials from satisfied customers and comments by management to reinforce the commitment to service and excellence. A 9-minute video was produced, translated into English, Spanish and German, and distributed on CD.

RESULTS: The CD format allowed managers and potential customers to immediately view the CD in their offices without delay. Senior management who had not had the opportunity to understand the scope of Abbott Development Shop activities scheduled private showings. Abbott management and Abbott customers who had been looking for vendors realized the rich resources only a phone call away.

Concept to Completion: Video I-D worked closely with Abbott representatives from the beginning. Our experience with major corporations allowed us to bring value to the discussion table, write a finished script, complete all on-location production, and edit video to a completed English MASTER. Video I-D also provided the translations, voice –over in Spanish and German, edited the finished translated work and provided finished CD replicated from Glass Masters.

The Abbott Development Shop needed a convenient and inexpensive way to clearly demonstrate their unique abilities to develop highly complex parts, components and manufactured systems to a wide variety of clients.

While most clients were inside Abbott, others needing their services were clinics, hospitals and medical centers using Abbott equipment. Some of these clients were overseas so we also needed to add translation and language synchronization.

The challenge was to provide a comprehensive overview of their highly technical and sophisticated equipment and services in a brief, interesting and memorable package.

Video I-D assigned a team (Project Administrator, Director and Writer) to meet with Abbott’s coordinator and key Abbott personnel to thoroughly understand the project, concepts, target audience, message points, scout potential shooting locations, review any physical facility restrictions, coordinate personnel and establish a time-table for completion. Their initial meeting took about an hour.

Subsequent face-to-face meetings were limited to script approval, pre-production scheduling and a final screening of the finished project.

Physical and on-line meetings were kept to a minimum and on-going contact provided Abbott with comfortable level of oversight.

Within 90 days, from inception to completion, Abbott had quantities of glass-mastered CD’s in English, Spanish, and German.

The Abbott Development Shop sent these to select clients world-wide.

Senior level Abbott management were shown the video presentations to help them better understand the commitment and services of the Abbott Development Shop. These showings of concise video were designed to assist them in their overall management and planning efforts.