Sam Wagner, Video I-D President, says “DVD is more spectacular than ever.”

More uses for DVD are being seen in advertising, trade shows, direct mail, and select high quality video display. Business and Industry, sales, marketing, training and promotion are seeing tremendous advantages in using specifically designed and precisely planned DVD presentations. HD is becoming more popular and 3D not far away.

Just for a few of the commonly used features include: bar code programming for fast retrieval, child protection, nine camera angles, 32 full-page graphic t racts, and eight channels of audio that will each support 5.1 digital surround format. DVD playback is available on computers, players, game equipment, combination equipment and much more.

DVD is more available. Authoring is being fine-tuned from simple to complex menus and faster turnaround provided on authoring and duplication. DVD-R’s can be ready tomorrow. We can have pressed disc duplication supplied in 8-10 days, depending on the time of year. Over the Christmas replication rush is on, better make sure you have a month lead time. DVD is getting lower costs.

Duplication costs are dropping, players are cheaper, and packaging is innovative and competitive. DVD is a direct marketing tool is not to be dismissed. More people will look more often at a direct mail DVD than virtually any other type of advertising. The secret is to let them know it is short, has high production values and is fascinating. Then they’ll pass it along to their friends. Try Direct Sales with DVD, and sales could sky-rocket.

Video I-D is your source on DVD. President, Sam Wagner spoke at several national conferences (NIST’s DVD 2002, JVISDA, NRB, and many others) and has been quoted in newspaper features and magazine articles. Sam has the latest information and years of video production knowledge to back it up. DVD First Responder is the umbrella for Police Training, Fire & EMT procedures, and Government Anti-Terrorism information. DVD training is fast, attractive, and it maintains high retention for trainees. Check out our Police DVD web page www.policedvd.com.