Customer Satisfaction

When employees begin to take each other for granted and resort to terse and sometimes rude responses with “can’t you see I’m busy” snubs, the direct affect on morale begins to reduce overall effectiveness and efficiency. It is important for all employees to treat each other with respect.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Caterpillar Employees

TARGET MESSAGE: You have important customers inside the corporation. Your fellow employees need respect and support delivered with a good attitude.

TARGET RESPONSE: Employees began to identify certain habits which were affecting the productivity of others. They also began to make changes in their own attitudes to positively affect overall morale.

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Common courtesy is not a common denominator.

Concise, dramatic, slice-of-life video segments depicting positive and negative employee behavior were developed for use as discussion points during scheduled group meetings. Employees were encouraged to recommend positive steps to improve interpersonal relations.

The video selections provided leadership and management with a convenient tool to address interpersonal activities in non-threatening ways. Humor helped reinforce concepts and activities.

The goal is understanding that mutual cooperation is essential. Employees were encouraged to consider each other as Caterpillar customers and provide the support, response and good attitudes with each other which reflect the culture of the corporation.

Scheduled meetings used the video in segments to start discussion and reinforce concepts.