Video I-D Teleproductions, Inc. provides programming for kiosks and custom designed kiosk systems with touch screens for your display needs. Video is transferred to DVD, which is authored and programmed to operate as you specify. Touch systems are an integral part of these interactive kiosks and account for much of their success.

The easy to use design of our touch screens provides convenience for everyone regardless of any nationality, regardless of language, education, socioeconomic or cultural background. Video I-D can deliver your program in multiple languages. We can provide up to 16 languages per kiosk to ensure viewers can hear their message in the language of their choice.

Kiosks are intriguing and fast-moving, sustaining the user’s interest. Programs are high energy, product specific and of great interest. Screens are fast, colorful and entertaining. The graphics and creative screen designs are easily combined with music and full motion video to achieve captivating results.

Feedback is necessary so the kiosk user knows when he has activated a target spot on the touch screen. Highlighting, a changing color, pressing a button or an audio signal or tones can be used. We never let a screen go black! Attractants and screen savers keep the picture alive. Kiosk users control their choices while we keep the flow of information interesting and entertaining.